Friday, December 26

Something recycled

So here's my last word about Christmas until next year (I think). I went to Michael's today to see what kind of deals I could score in terms of Christmas stuff for next year. Believe it or not, there wasn't all that much selection. I was able to load up on quite a bit of ribbon, some of it Martha Stewart spools that normally go for $7.50 up here (I'm sure those of you in the Lower 48 pay less). I got it for just $1.29 a spool. I was also able to get a couple of punches I've been wanting, but wasn't willing to fork over the money they were asking for regular price. So I guess for now, I'm done with Christmas. On to new things!


So here's my first "new thing". My craft room is a mess right now, so I was looking for ways to clean it up. Here's what I did. We don't have a comprehensive way to recycle here in Fairbanks, just what local businesses or nonprofits decide to do to help better our community. Right now, the best way to recycle that I've found is to take it to my local Wal-Mart (yes, we do have one!). They still don't recycle glass, but they take tin, paper and #1, 2 & 3 plastics. It's better than nothing, but we still have a long way to go. I'm also loathe to go buy new containers for things if I have time and materials right here at home. So, this large soup can make its way into my craft room instead of the recycle bin. Arty Girlz has a recycling challenge, so I think I'll enter it just for fun.

It was simple to make. I cut some 12x12 paper down to a scant 5 1/2" x 12, then used my Glue Glider Pro to put adhesive on the paper. I adhered it to the can, then tied on some gorgeous ribbon I just got today. It needed just a little something more, so I used some coordinating paper for a tag I made with my Making Memories tag maker. I used some rub-ons for the label and silver embroidery thread to attach it.

supplies ~ papers: Paper Pizazz, adhesive: Glue Glider Pro Perma Tac, ribbon: Martha Stewart, tag rim & rub-ons: Making Memories, silver thread: DMC


So a week of my vacation is gone, but I don't have a lot to show for it. My husband, Bill, and I have been enjoying each other's company and pretty much just hangin' out. There are plenty of things for us to "get done" - we still have some boxes in our garage from our move this summer, and his office and my craft room are in need of some major organization. This is our first year of NOT traveling during the holidays, so we still have a week left to get them done. Or maybe we'll just keep relaxing... (oh, the beauty of vacation!)

I'm working on a baby card for a lady in our church who just had a baby a few days before Christmas. I'll post it when I'm done, so keep an eye out. And remember to enter my blog candy - it closes on New Year's Eve at midnight Alaska time!

2 paper smiles:

crissi said...

Its beautiful cheri and a great use for an old can.

Thanks for adding it to the Arty Girlz ongoing recycling challenge.

crissi xx

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful idea, i may have to try this one! xx

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