Friday, January 13

We're LIVE!!! New {ippity} releases for January - now order on the Unity website!

Now that the bugs have finally been worked out at Unity's website, we are READY FOR ORDERS!!!! And in the spirit of starting anew, we have another FIRST for you.....{ippity} ITTY BITTY stamps!!! We have five of them this month...check 'em out!

Now, how's that for fabulous?!?!? There's a sale this weekend - and these cuties are included! So head over to the Unity Stamp Co.'s website and start shopping - you can just click my photo! Be sure to use this coupon code - ANG39 (all caps no spaces) - to get 39% off your ENTIRE ORDER! Don't walk...RUN! Click my photo to SHOP!   ;)

PS ~ Do you love {ippity} stamps? Check out my {ippity} page!

Tuesday, January 10

Update to changes in {ippity}

Well, it has been a few days since my big announcement, and I'm afraid that the changes on Unity's website have been delayed. I know Unity is working very hard to get the changes made as soon as possible because we know that the changes will make it much easier for you to order, plus you'll get your stamps much more quickly in many cases because Unity will handle the shipping directly from their warehouse. I'm sorry it has been taking so long, but the changes ARE coming! I will post again once I have more news for you. Thank you for your patience!

PS ~ Do you love {ippity} stamps? Check out my {ippity} page!

Thursday, January 5

Something FANTASTIC & NEW at {ippity}!

We are VERY EXCITED about the NEW YEAR CHANGE with {ippity} stamps by Unity!

Starting this weekend {ippity} will be available on the UNITY WEBSITE!

All you have to do is CLICK ON MY PHOTO (that's me!)...

...and BUY your favorite {ippity} stamps!

But that's not all! If you would like to add UNITY STAMPS to your order YOU CAN! :)

You can buy BOTH UNITY and {ippity} at the SAME TIME and the order will NOW SHIP from Unity.

ALSO -  ANY Unity DISCOUNT CODE used in combination with your order of {ippity} WILL WORK, including Unity Kit Member 25% discount codes!!! And did I mention that there's a SALE this weekend on UNITY, including {ippity}?

These changes will end up making shipping faster, and YOU can get a better deal - gotta love that! Stay tuned for the new stamp release this weekend!!!

PS ~ Do you love {ippity} stamps? Check out my {ippity} page!

Something new with {ippity} is coming!

Boy, oh boy! There are a whole BUNCH of fantastic things coming your way this month! Make sure you check back here tomorrow to find out what they are - you don't want to miss it!

PS ~ Do you love {ippity} stamps? Check out my {ippity} page!
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