Friday, December 4

(a sad) ShoutOut to SheetLoad

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I only found out about SheetLoad less than a year ago and have really loved the inspiration I get from each issue. Unfortunately, this month is the final month of this wonderful e-zine. My hope is that one day it will make a comeback (please?).

The great thing about SheetLoad is that with only a few papers and a great sketch, you can whip out a bunch of cards in no time. I have only had time to try the entire SheetLoad once - I usually only have enough time for a single card - and found it very gratifying to have so many cards ready to go. You can even change the focal image, the orientation of the layout and the embellishments if you want each card to be unique!

Click on the picture of this month's issue to go get your copy!

1 paper smiles:

my5bratz said...

sad news, I've checked them out a coupla times and always found them to be fab :0(

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