Sunday, August 15

Some big changes are a-comin'!

Hello, friends! I know some of you started reading my blog quite a long time ago - back when I was posting a few times a week - and wanted to let you know about some changes happening in my life recently....

I have made the decision to step down from all design teams I've belonged to and return to the ranks of private citizen and blogger. Bill and I decided a while back that we would like to adopt a child (rather three total, by the time we're done). I've started a new blog, Growing by Heart, to share our adoption story for anyone who is interested. I'll still be posting my crafty stuff here, though, although on a much less frequent basis.  =D

If any of you have been through adoption, or know someone who is/was, I'd love it if you directed them to my adoption blog. We are at the very beginning of the process, and would welcome any input from those who have "been there, done that".

Until later...blessings!


2 paper smiles:

Ginny said...

what wonderful news! wishing you and your husband (and new family) all the best for the future

Mama C said...

I didn't know about your new blog! You should have told me sooner! :) Hopping over now! Happy Friday!

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