Thursday, January 5

Something FANTASTIC & NEW at {ippity}!

We are VERY EXCITED about the NEW YEAR CHANGE with {ippity} stamps by Unity!

Starting this weekend {ippity} will be available on the UNITY WEBSITE!

All you have to do is CLICK ON MY PHOTO (that's me!)...

...and BUY your favorite {ippity} stamps!

But that's not all! If you would like to add UNITY STAMPS to your order YOU CAN! :)

You can buy BOTH UNITY and {ippity} at the SAME TIME and the order will NOW SHIP from Unity.

ALSO -  ANY Unity DISCOUNT CODE used in combination with your order of {ippity} WILL WORK, including Unity Kit Member 25% discount codes!!! And did I mention that there's a SALE this weekend on UNITY, including {ippity}?

These changes will end up making shipping faster, and YOU can get a better deal - gotta love that! Stay tuned for the new stamp release this weekend!!!

PS ~ Do you love {ippity} stamps? Check out my {ippity} page!

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