Wednesday, October 8

My first paper experience

Today, I want to share with you my first experience crafting with paper. I don't count the times I was just "foolin' around" with paper, because I tend to think of crafting as deliberate. There will always be times when I might try a random new technique that results in an accidental epiphany, but by and large I have a plan before I begin.

My first paper craft was a card I made for my mom. I had actually forgotten all about it until a few months ago when she whipped it out after my sister-in-law's baby shower. I was in charge of keeping track of the gifts and the givers, so to kill time between entries, I started doodling on the paper to "dress it up" since it was going into the baby book for posterity. The end product reminded mom of the first handmade card I gave her, so she brought it out to show me.

It was very simple, really. I was in college, poor as dirt, but wanted to give Mom something hand-crafted and heart-felt. All I had was construction paper, so I created a sunset scene with blues, pinks and yellows. I decided to tear the paper instead of cutting to create ragged edges that sort of remind me of how everything seems to just blurr together at dusk and twilight. I used a marker to write a sentiment and note to Mom.

When she brought it out, I immediately remembered making it for her. I couldn't believe that she had saved it all these years, though. When I asked her why she kept such a cheap card she said it was because I made it from what I had, and obviously put time and love into it. That meant more to her that the materials it was made from.

I think that probably sums up why I continue paper crafting. I can make very elaborate creations with paper, but I don't have to have the most cutting edge products to do so. A few simple tools is all it takes to make something wonderful.

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