Sunday, October 12

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As a teacher, I don't have a lot of time to craft. So it's a really cool perk that I can get my fix by having my students do some projects from time to time. A couple of years ago, I got my paper groove on while teaching 7th grade math. I used Paper Square Geometry to teach geometric concepts while the kids and I made some cool models to take home when we were done. I've also used popcorn snacks as an excuse to make a simple box from paper. I know, it's pretty pathetic...but a girl does what she must to survive paper withdrawals.

Just last week, however, we did something really cool. One of the classes I teach is a World Cultures & Geography class. To hold some memories and information from our "travels" we created a "passport". Here's one student's creation.

It's simple really: we took a card blank (about 4"x5"), and inside we glued a white paper book we made ourselves. I'll try to post complete directions in a tutorial later.

So, now the kids have a place to put some information about countries we "visit". We made this book after I showed them my passport and talked with them about entering and exiting a country, the visa stamps you receive at customs & immigration, and health concerns to be aware of before traveling. The kids will keep basic information in their passport and get an entry "visa" once they've finshed entering it in the passport. Once "in the country" they'll do a project to explore, then get an exit "visa" once they successfully complete their project. I hope it turns out to be as cool for them as it is for me!

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