Sunday, January 11

Another good cause for the kids

Pat over at The Rubber Maid is doing a Cards 4 Kids card drive for the kids over at Children's Hospital of Michigan. Here's an excerpt from her blog about what she's trying to do:

"I am offering you all a challenge that only you can help fulfill. I would like to have 1000 Valentine's Day cards for the children at Children's Hospital of Michigan. Yep, you read it correctly I did say 1000. There are 238 beds at the hospital and I would like to provide the kids with more then just one card. I would and so would the staff, like to get enough cards so the kids can exchange them, send them out to friends at school, or home to their parents and or siblings.

These can be cards with envelopes or just a post card style card. You don't sign the card as the kids and staff will be using them to make the kids have the best Valentine's Day ever. So if you want to get on the wagon and get those fingers inky I would love to have your help."
So 1000 cards for 238 beds...that's roughly 4 Valentine's per bed. Surely we can do better than that! Head over to Pat's blog to get the full details, and get to makin' some cards!

3 paper smiles:

The Rubber Maid said...

Hi Cheri,
Thanks for the plug for Cards 4 Kids. It means a lot that people like yourself feel this is a worthy cause. I appreciate it, Pat

Julie Koerber said...

YIPPEEE! I have to say, my mom and I talk everyday about this program and she has just been blown away (as have I) by this wonderful outpouring!!! Thank you!

kc_froglady said...

great I will work on a card or two to send also for this! I love things like this!

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