Thursday, January 8

UHU December sample of the month

No new pics or projects to share tonight, but I do have a story/review/aha moment:

Last month, the folks over at UHU sent out samples of their envelope sealer. Now, I really hate the taste of that glue they put on envelopes, so I usually get a damp sponge, Q-tip or paper towel (or whatever I have around) to do the dirty work. My husband thinks it's so cute when I pull that oh-this-is-just-too-disgusting face, but I really do hate that stuff. I also know, however, that sometimes glue sticks are not all they're cracked up to be - teacher experience, ya know. ;o)

So I requested the sample, but wasn't so sure it was going to work out. I made some thank you cards after Christmas (the post is here) and decided to try out my sample. At first, the seal didn't seem to be working because it was a dimensional card and the envelope flap wouldn't stay down. So I tried some more glue - maybe I didn't get enough on the first time? - and tried closing it again...still wouldn't stay down. One last try - I held the flap down for several seconds hoping that the glue just needed to set before letting go. BINGO! But I did send the card off with a dreaded feeling that the glue wouldn't hold by the time it got to its destination.

I got that card back in the mail a couple of days ago...not enough postage...AND THE FLAP WAS SECURELY SHUT! Hello, UHU Envelope Sealer! Wanna be my new best friend?

Given that the glue held for several days while in USPS custody, I'm pretty sure it would also be a good stand in for any glue stick need. The post office doesn't exactly handle mail gently after all...

Have a good night, and I hope to be back sometime over the weekend with some new cards!

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