Wednesday, May 20

Sneaky Peek of tomorrow's Doodle Dragon release

I know I meant to post peeks on Monday and yesterday, but this cough I've had for the last week kept me busy. I did manage to get a card done for you today, but you'll only get a peek - I'll reveal the whole card tomorrow when Dustin releases a total of 10 images. Get ready for a party, y'all, 'cuz all of them are really cute!

So without further discussion, here's your peek for today:

Cute 'lil fellar, ain't he? You'll see just how cute tomorrow as Dustin & the design team share some samples for you. You'll also be able to get the images from the Doodle Dragon Studio website. Oh, and remember that today is Wednesday - go get your freebie!

1 paper smiles:

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Ohhhh you are such a tease!

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