Saturday, August 8

Meet Lex!

Okay, this post is definitely NOT card-related, so if you came to see a card, I'm a afraid you'll be disappointed. After living pet-less for the last 12 years (another reason I hate apartment life), I finally convinced my hubby to let me have a cat. And here he is - meet Lex!

We adopted him on Thursday from our local pet shelter after his previous owner decided to give him up. What a sweetheart! He loves to be pet, and a lap is his favorite place to crash. We're still getting to know each other, but he stole my heart the first time I met him.

Keep your eyes open for my Whimsy card on Monday - it's in honor of our newest family member! =D

6 paper smiles:

Holly said...

oh, he's a beauty! I'm so glad you have opened your home up to a pet, they add so much to your lives. Your husband will probably end up more attached to Lex than you!

Penni said...

Wow Lex is soooo handsome - and I think he knows it too lol!!!

Hope you'll all be very happy together.


Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Awwwwwww.........congratulations cheri! he's beautiful! and he looks like he loves being loved too. I know what you mean about being petless for a little while. When I got divorced, my ex kept the dogs. That just broke my heart. Then, the new man in my life adopted a dog for us and it changed me in a wonderful way again. I cry sometimes at the joy she brings us. Sorry..didn't mean to ramble. I hope you enjoy him as much as I'm sure he'll enjoy you. :)

BloomingPink said...

Welcome to your Max!

Cats are awesome, fun loving, and affectionate lil' creations, aren't they?...I have three...and I love everything about them...well, okay, not everything...I definitely could do without the hairballs presents they leave...regularly.

Lorraine Robertson said...

Oh he's so stolen my heart too... what a handsome kittie.... hope we get to see more piccies in the future.

Lorraine xxx

Candy said...

BEEEEEAUTIFUL!!! Someday Lex needs to my Lucy!!!
Have you gone back to school??? Just ask me how much I love being retired! LOL


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