Sunday, August 30

New four-legged neighbors?

I just had to pop in to share a few pics of a moose family that came and spent the night at our house a couple of weeks ago. They started out just munching on leaves and the remains of wild flowers at about 4 pm, but I guess momma felt safe enough to plop down and spend the night. By the time we were up at around 6 am the next day, the family had moved on.

This same little family came back today to do some more munching, but this time they kept moving. Sure was a thrill for us, though, to see them back!

4 paper smiles:

Penni said...

How fabulous!! They are, in a strange way, quite cute LOL!!!


Cassie said...

I just can't even imagine! I have squirrels. That's it! I can drive about 3 minutes out of town and see deer, but WOW, it would be so cool to have MOOSE in the yard!

And I agree with Penni, they are super cute!

Holly said...

great photos!

Justine said...

What a treat these beautiful photos are and I also had to stop and listen to my favorite hymn "It is well". Thank you for the prayers and kind words.

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