Saturday, October 10

Winner, winner, winner!

Sorry I was so late posting the results of my Week of Unity candy! I know you're all anxious to see who gets to play with some new rubbah! So without delay, here are the results. chose:

Day #4,


...and comment #5,

which makes the winner...

jennifer mitten said...
Cute card - I love the Unity sentiments!
Congratulations, Jennifer! Make sure you contact Eryn over at Unity with the single you would like, complements of Unity Stamp Company! Yay!

Lots going on at our house this weekend! We have some unexpected warm whether this time of year, and there are some outside chores we didn't have time to complete yet...but now we do. Oh...yay...goodie for us (that was sarcastic). LOL

Thanks for coming by to visit; have a terrific weekend!

1 paper smiles:

jennifer mitten said...

Thanks, Cheri! I am in shock that I won - I'm emailng Eryn - hope I'm not too late:-) You rock!

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