Wednesday, June 16

Has it really been that long? (and a cool blog hop)

Summer in Alaska is short. TOO short. I had hoped to start blogging with new cards several times a week once school ended, but this year has been soooooo busy. I think I'm finally free of commitments for a while, but ya never know!

So, while I still hope to get back to cards and blogging regularly, I want to at least let you know that High Hopes Stamps have added another new artist to their lineup - Melissa Jenkins! If you haven't met her cast of characters yet, you gotta visit her blog! But better yet, play in the blog hop High Hopes is throwing in her honor on Friday, June 18th! They're releasing the first set of her images, and they will be ca-ute, I'm sure! And as per usual, there will be giveaways - cool! So head over and get some eye candy!

PS ~ Do you love {ippity} stamps? You can buy them from me on my {ippity} page!

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